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  1. Acquaintance.

We negotiate your preferences and wishes, as well as the parameters the object has to meet.

  1. Search for options.

We select only those real estate options that best fit into the specified selection parameters.

  1. Initial inspection of the property.

We prepare professional photographs of the object for you and take a virtual tour to show you even the view from the window.

  1. Approval of the object.

If necessary, we arrange for you viewing appointments for 2-3 real estate objects you have preferred. After making the final choice, we move on to the final part.

  1. Negotiations.

We carry out all negotiations with the property owner or his/her representative so that you get the most acceptable conditions.

  1. Contract conclusion.

We accompany you at every stage of the contract conclusion.

  1. Payment for our services.

You pay for the specific result of our work, and not just for a set of beautiful photographs.

The successful rental contract conclusion is our joint victory!

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Become the owner of
real estate in Vienna
Why Vienna? Vienna is the cultural capital of Europe! Investing in real estate here is the right choice, ensuring steady growth.
Choose reliability.
Minimize risks
We are the official partner of ERA worldwide network of real estate agencies. It is one of the European leaders with nearly 50 years of experience.
Save money
If you are in another city or country, you do not need to spend money on flights, transfers, hotels just to see the variety of options to make the right choice.
Speed up
the search process
Quickly get options according to your criteria. There is no more need to spend days on the Internet looking for a pearl in the vast ocean of real estate.
Facilitate negotiations
Carefully prepared negotiations will bring the desired result.
Pay only for the result
Payment for brokerage services takes place only after signing a real estate rental or purchase contract.